Wooden pallets manufacturer at Pune, Maharashtra

1. Pine Wood (Soft Wood)

We import top-grade pinewood logs from New Zealand, a renewable resource that is durable and resistant to decay and rot, to create export quality packaging items in Pune, Maharashtra.

2. Jungle Wood (Hard Wood)

Woodpaker is a manufacturer of country wood at Pune, Maharashtra. Jungle Wood is another popular timber for wooden packing in India due to its absolute resistance and tensile strength. A high-density wood with a high load-bearing capacity, it is sturdy, has a resistance to nail and screw withdrawal forces, making it an excellent choice for heavy industrial packing.

Jungle wood, a composite of jack wood, mango wood, and other woods, uses in the packaging of auto parts, spare parts, engineering goods, and electronic equipment.

3. Ply Wood

Woodpaker is a manufacturer of plywood at Pune, Maharashtra. We provide high-quality plywood in a variety of thicknesses and sizes to our customers. Their superb quality and creative design enable secure product storage while also allowing ventilation over the entire product.

Our plywood boxes are not only easy to handle with the help of forklifts, trolleys, and other equipment, but they are also incredibly robust and resistant to termites and fungus. Our plywood packing solutions are suitable for storing and transporting electronics, spare parts, auto components, engineering goods, and heavy mechanical handling equipment such as winches and cranes.

4. Heat-Treated Pallets

Woodpaker is a manufacturer of Heat treated pallets at Pune, Maharashtra. The primary goal of heat treatment of solid wood products is to avoid international transit and transmission of disease and insects that could harm plants or ecosystems.

Our wood pallets are heated to a core temperature in a heat treat chamber to assure the safety and cleanliness of your pallets. Our pallet experts monitor the entire process to guarantee that the pallet’s quality is not compromised in any way and that pallets are treated at the appropriate moment.

Our IPPC heat-treated pallets are more durable than chemically treated pallets and meet the most stringent ISPM-15 heat treatment standards. Woodpaker is an ISPM 15 certified pallet manufacturer.

5. Edge Protector

Woodpaker is a manufacturer of Edge Protector at Pune, Maharashtra. Edge protectors efficiently safeguard your packaging units against transportation damage – from individual packaging units to full truck loads.

Woodpaker concentrates on the production and distribution of high-quality Edge Protectors. Our goods are made from high-quality materials to ensure strength and durability.

6. Euro Pallet

Woodpaker is a manufacturer of Euro Pallet at Pune, Maharashtra. The Euro pallet, also known as the EUR pallet or EPAL pallet, is an exchangeable transport pallet that conforms to the DIN EN 13698 standard part 1 and can be used worldwide in the Euro pool replacement system.
According to UIC (International Union of Railways) standards and thus EPAL (European Pallet Association) recommendations, Euro pallets are the same all over the world.
Because a forklift or pallet truck may raise and carry the pallet from any of its four sides, it is sometimes referred to as a four-way pallet.
      • EPAL pallets safely cross borders all over the world.
      • EPAL pallets ensure smooth transport of goods.
      • EPAL pallets ensure stable storage of goods.
      • EPAL pallets ensure the highest occupational safety thanks to their immense quality.

7. Corrugated Box

Woodpaker is a manufacturer of Corrugated Boxes at Pune, Maharashtra. Purchase low-cost, high-quality corrugated boxes. We offer corrugated boxes in a variety of sizes to meet your needs, from small boxes to standard boxes. Our boxes are all built of 3 Ply C Flute corrugated fiberboard with a weight of 180 GSM, providing them the maximum strength to endure shipping trauma.

These packaging boxes are an excellent choice for transporting personal care items, eyewear, cosmetics, and electronics. Our product packaging boxes are completely recyclable, environmentally friendly, and long-lasting. Packaging boxes can be readily ordered online and delivered anywhere in India.